In 2005, a group of senior software developers, integrators, and analysts started a technology firm based on a revolutionary vision. Why not help financial services firms fine-tune their software systems to match the unique refinements of their business strategies? Why not help them elevate their baseline operations up to true competitive advantage.

That is the business mission of Athena Investment Systems.

Today Athena counts leading hedge funds and asset managers among its clients. Its work spans fine-tuning and network integration of vendor software to custom enhancements that precisely match the unique business models of its clients. We provide the full life-cycle of planning, development, implementation and training. Typical results are dramatic improvement in STP, faster time to equities markets, and more efficient execution of transactions.

Athena is a global firm with consultants headquartered in the US and Europe.

For better systems support of your competitive advantage, contact us for a rapid analysis of your potential for improved performance.




Scott Sykowski - Head of Research - Founding Partner


Scott Sykowski
Head of Research - Managing Director

Mr. Sykowski has a proven record of designing and customizing global financial services systems that create demonstrable competitive advantages for their users.

Scott has experience in a broad range of asset classes including global equities and their derivatives, fixed income securities, interest rate and credit derivatives, and many types of structured private placements. For over 15 years, he has helped both buy-side and sell side institutions architect and implement their enterprise and desk level systems. He has an in-depth knowledge front office portfolio management, trading, risk management/analytic and market data systems.

Scott holds an MBA in Finance (Structured and Public) from the State University of New York at Albany, and a BA in Economics from the State University of New York, College at New Paltz.



Stefano Guarnieri
Head of Product - Founding Partner


Stefano Guarnieri
Head of Product - Managing Director

Mr. Guarnieri has demonstrated a deep understanding of the needs of the financial community, and how to optimize their workflow.

Stefano spent more than 9 years with Macgregor/ITG, where he worked as Platform Architect, Project Lead and Development Manager. He leaded the competitive edge initiative by introducing many features to the Portfolio Management platform, such as Multi-Asset support, a novel Multi-Factor Optimizer with real-time solving capabilities, Real Time Market Data Feeds supporting Reuters and Bloomberg, Fixed Income Electronic Trading supporting TradeWeb and MarketAxess, a Software Development Kit. These features were the key to winning the Waters Magazine 2004 Award celebrating XIP as the Best Portfolio Management platform.

Stefano holds a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Ancona (Italy).



Luis Otero
Head of Technology - Founding Partner


Luis Otero
Head of Technology - Managing Director

After more than 20 years building application and Solutions for a wide set of different companies, Mr. Otero has gained a vast experience using top technologies, understanding the client needs and producing quality solutions.

Mr Otero has worked in the modeling, design and development of several OMS software, real time trade platforms and also in some other real time industrial platforms like railway control systems. Mr Otero has worked for companies like Invensys Rail (Siemens), The Macgregor Group and ITG before joining Athena Investment Systems in 2005.

Mr Otero holds a Master of Science in Mechanical and Industrial Engineer by the Polytechnic University of Madrid, Spain and a Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineer by the Newcastle Upon Tyne University in England. He also holds several certifications in Software.



Thorsten Pastoors
Principal Engineerr


Thorsten Pastoors
Principal Engineer

Principal Software Engineer and Project Lead with 14 years of experience designing and delivering financial software solutions for Windows platforms using Microsoft development environments as C++, C# and VB. Extensive experience on portfolio management systems, OMS, Compliance, FIX, Financial Analytics, database development (MSSQL and Sybase).

Mr. Pastoors has his Master of Science degree in Computer Science  from the Technical University of Karlsruhe (Germany); and also attended University of Massachusetts, Amherst.  Thorsten was the Co-Author of the BMECat specification: electronic catalog format used by major German companies for e-Procurement. XML, Java, COM and has presented his research at IFIP-TC6/European Union International Conference on Networking.



Carlos Suils
Principal Engineerr


Carlos Suils
Principal Engineer

Mr. Sulis’ background  in the Signal Processing, Defense & Space and Financial Services Industry have made him invaluable to Athena as an architect of fault-tolerant, self-healing systems.

Carlos has extensive experience designing portfolio management systems, OMS, Compliance, FIX, Financial Analytics, database development (MSSQL and Sybase), and has worked with Macgregor, ITG and now Athena for over 15 years.

Mr. Suils hold a Master of Science, Electronics Engineering; Comillas Pontifical University (ICAI) in Madrid, Spain.



Ryan Holmes
Product Manager


Ryan Holmes
Product Manager

With a background in finance and specific knowledge of multi-asset, buy-side workflows, Ryan has helped to re-architect and streamline current offerings and make headway in releasing new functionalities. His comprehensive understanding of start-to-finish operations at buy-side firms leads to a product with more efficiency, and in turn a better product.

Ryan holds a BA in Economics from Bridgewater State University and is working towards his CFA.





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